College Park Diner, College Park, MD

Thursday, after a meeting got out way earlier than I thought, I needed lunch. I did a search for “diner”, and this place popped up on my Blackberry. It was less than 10 miles away, so over there I headed. I got there about 1230, and left about 1330. I was seated immediately.

I got iced tea, a double cheeseburger, and fries. The iced tea was sweet tea, and was so sweet it about knocked the teeth right out of my head! It was good, but maybe a touch too sweet. I did get some to go when I left! The cheeseburger was pretty good, but lacked a couple things. The flavor was decent, but the beef was mushy. It wasn’t greasy or anything like that, though. It made me wonder if they needed to turn the grill up just a bit. The fries were pretty standard.

Service was curt but things were kept moving. My check was $11.02. Good place to eat, I would go there again if I were in there area.

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