There Are Times I *HATE* Outlook and Exchange

I just did a speed test from my house. My bandwidth is over 3Mbps. I can ping the server a hundred times with no packets lost and low latency. Outlook reports “Connected to Microsoft Exchange”. I can open any of the messages in the Inbox (well, most of the time; the screen still “grays out” every once in a while).

But try to forward a message, or open a simple calendar entry, and time and time and time and time again:

“Outlook is requesting data from the server”. OR,

“Outlook must be connected to the server to complete this action”.

This has been going on for half an hour now. Why can’t a big-time outfit like Microsoft get this right. I’ve said before, I have this problem even on the “corporate” network, and I have it at home, and at hotels, and other companies. Wired and wireless.

And yet all the other stuff (browsing, ftp, anything) works fine.

Outlook and Exchange act like they are still in beta test sometimes. Geeez.

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