Rooster’s Chicken and Beer, Oklahoma City, OK

Last night, my very cute and occasionally cooking-averse roommate announced via text message “meh to cooking”, so we went out. I suggested Chicken and Beer since (1) we like fried chicken and (2) the online menu looked reasonable price-wise. The place is in Bricktown, which we do not visit often, so that was also a good thing.

We got there around 1800 and left around 1900. The place was mostly empty the entire time.

The menu is: fried chicken on the bone, fried chicken strips, french fries, and fried okra, and fried iced tea (no, skip that last). There is iced tea, beer, soda, and mixed drinks to wash this all down.

It took a while for the chicken to get there. I think that is because they overcooked it just for us. One piece in particular was way too brown. The chickens were not overly plump (read: small), and the thicker pieces were dried out in the middle. I think now that I should have sent the lot back. The flavor was OK. We ordered one basket of fries and one of okra; both were pretty good. We also got several tubs of BBQ sauce (*very* good) and ranch dressing (not good) to dip the stuff in.

The iced tea was OK. Service (except for the long cooking time) was good.

Our check was $45.96, which was higher than I expected (after all, a whole fried chicken was $15). The baskets we got were $5 each, and each drink was $2. We actually ordered 1 1/2 chickens, and the half chicken was $9.

So $45 is a bit high for overcooked bird, no plates, and plastic forks. I do not think this place is a good value. I might go back if I was invited by someone, but I don’t think Chicken and Beer is a voluntary repeat. I would drive out to Chicken and Chops in Piedmont first.

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