Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, Duncan, OK

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I have eaten at the Napoli’s in Muskogee a couple times over the years, and it’s always been very good. This evening, Raegan and I were in Duncan for the first time, and we chose Napoli’s since it was one of the very few non-chain restaurants that was open.

We got there about 1815 and left about 1930. The place was mostly deserted. We both got iced tea (excellent), were served some starter bread, and asked for some marinara to dip it in. The bread was good, the marinara excellent.

Raegan ordered manicotti the way she likes it – one with marinara and the other with alfredo. Our server was kind of “what?” at first, but it came just the way Raegan likes it. It was so hot out of the oven the cheese was still bubbling at the table. She said it was as good or better than what she can make, and that’s saying something.

I got spaghetti with “the works”, which is meat sauce, meatballs, mushroom, and sausage. I asked for the sausage to be replaced with a couple meatballs, and that’s how it came. That was some of the best spaghetti; I could eat it until I threaten to explode. Great stuff.

Our check was $23.32, very reasonable.

I asked, and the Napoli’s are pretty much run by one Italian family. I see them at various locations; there was one in Chickasaw, but it was sold to another person and isn’t being run by the family anymore, according to our server. Given the consistency of quality between the Muskogee location and this one, I think there is a good chance that all of the locations are serving very good food.

Update, 2254: I did a little searching online, and found this article about how Napoli’s got started in Oklahoma. There is another site that said there are 14 in Oklahoma (and one in Arkansas City, KS).


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