Railhead Diner, Purcell, OK

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Raegan and I stopped here on the way to Dallas today. We saw a sign on the main drag through Purcell, and thought it looked interesting. We got there around 1300, and left around 1400. The place was wide open the whole time.

Couple notes: They close at 1500. They do not take plastic of any kind.

The special for the day was fried chicken. I saw a couple servings of it, and it is classic pan-fried chicken. Regardless, I ordered a chicken fried steak at our servers recommendation. Raegan got a salad with ranch dressing; it was good, the ranch dressing was very good.

The CFS was very, very good, I rate it a 10! It was fork tender, good sized, had great flavor, and was clearly breaded and made right there. The gravy was pretty good also. The mashers were lumpy and skin-on (that’s not criticism). I had a choice of black-eyed peas or green beans; I chose the peas since I hadn’t had any in a while. The were OK (it’s hard to flavor black-eyed peas). I didn’t leave a scrap.

We both got iced tea, it was good and strong in served in large glasses.

For dessert, Raegan got a slice of strawberry cake and I got a slice of chocolate pie. Both were excellent.

As a to-go, for dessert later this evening in the hotel, Raegan got a cherry fried pie, and I got a chocolate fried pie. They were good, even cold!

Our check was $28.32. Not bad for two lunches, two desserts, and two fried pies for later. I do wish they took credit cards.


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