Wild Horse Creek Cafe, Marlow, OK, A Second Try

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The family and I ate at Wild Horse Cafe yesterday, for the second time. As in the first time, we were picking up a family member from Girl Scout camp; this time it was Erin.

The blog post from my first experience is here.

To summarize, it was not good experience. It was not a terrible one, either, but there was little quality experienced.

I got a steak. This was advertised on the menu as a ribeye, but it was in reality a club steak. I asked for it medium. About half the steak was medium+, the rest was medium-well to well done. The steak had some over-crusting on both sides (which is a lot darker and tougher than a steak should be), but at least it wasn’t charred. There was not a lot of flavor (to be expected for a less-marbled club steak), and it was pretty chewy. I got a double mac and cheese, since Erin wanted some. It was OK.

Raegan got a burrito, and she said it was OK, at best. They put chili con carne on the top, and it was Texas-style chili, so the consistency wasn’t what you would expect.

Erin got a cheeseburger. It was OK.

The iced tea was good; we all had quite a bit since it was so hot (about 104F), especially Erin, since she hadn’t had much iced tea the previous five days.

Our check was $37.92, a bit expensive for the food and the quality. Service was OK.

They weren’t using the iPaqs this time, and the wifi for them wasn’t detected.

I will not be going back. We are down in Marlow quite a bit, and there are four restaurants there. We will be trying one of the others next time, or stopping in Chickasaw on the way down or back, instead. The quality is just not there.


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