DFW Airport Security Showed Some Sense…

CNN has a report (here) about a couple jokers who got stuck overnight at the airport after their connecting flight was canceled.

The two guys did a video of themselves being happy idiots at various places, pretending to be gate agents, racing in wheelchairs, and similar stuff. The only thing they did that was wrong was when one of them found an unlocked beer tap and poured and drank one for himself. He even washed the glass and cleaned up after himself.

The two guys were apparently being watched the entire time by airport security people via the video cameras that are ubiquitous at DFW.

So this could have been a bad story. But surprising to me, the security people who were watching used their heads and didn’t call in the SWAT team. The watchers could have over-reacted as so many “security” people do, and had the guys arrested “in case” they might do actual damage.

This is part of the “no risks” mindset a lot of security people have, which is really a variation on the no-tolerance school of thought that has permeated many, well, schools.

So kudos to the DFW security people. The one consequence of this is that the restaurant that was left open, and had access to its beer tap available, was notified so they could fix that situation.

And to his credit, the guy who drank the beer said that he would come and pay for it the next time he flew through.

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2 Responses to “DFW Airport Security Showed Some Sense…”

  1. Ron Walthall Says:

    It is amazing how the capabilities a good security system can catch a thief or a practical joker. Either way, the restaurant was lucky that they had a video surveillance system installed for protection.

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