…While US Air at SFO Didn’t

CNN also had a report on the other side of the “security” coin here. This one shows how dumb people can be.

A guy at SFO showed up at the airport, got his boarding pass, went through TSA security, and then showed at the gate for boarding. He had sagging pants, apparently annoying the US Airways gate agent, who asked the guy to pull them up. He declined.

Now, according to the story, US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline does not have a specific dress code, “but we ask our passengers to dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers.”

So what does that mean? There isn’t a dress code. The cops that wander every terminal didn’t seem to have a problem with the guy, not did TSA, who manned the security line. Do saggy pants affect the safety of passengers? I wouldn’t think so. What about the comfort of passengers? I wouldn’t think so there, either. It’s not like the guy is a behemoth that took up 1.5 seat widths.

So the guy was allowed to board, and then the crew ratted Mr. Pants Down out to the captain, who made a citizens arrest (for what, I wonder), called the cops, and had the entire airplane emptied because Mr. Down allegedly resisted arrest.

So I think that Mr. Down got screwed here. If he’s smart he’ll sue all involved. The gate people had no business telling him to pull up his pants. The captain had no business pulling a “citizens arrest”, and that meant that Mr. Down probably has a case for false arrest or imprisonment. The cops that showed up probably ought to have been the grown-ups in this incident, and informed US Air that the Contract of Carriage does not apply to where you wear your pants.

But I think that the pants-down look is stupid regardless.

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4 Responses to “…While US Air at SFO Didn’t”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    A postscript: the charges against Mr. Pants (also known as Deshon Marman) were dropped by the San Mateo County District Attorney in mid-July.

  2. US Airways and The Saggy Pants, and Stupidity « Bill Hensley’s Random Blog Says:

    […] wrote a post about this incident here. The charges against the saggy-pants guy were dropped, but I ran across this interview snippet. […]

  3. Tom Says:

    It would have been interesting to hear the other side of the story from someone other than media or corporate talking heads. I doubt we have the whole story here-from either side. Of course, if was wearing his pants intentionally low, that does reflect on his attitude toward the public, so it becomes more probable he decided to be an a** when confronted. If ir was accidental and he corrected it at the first opportunity, it’s less likely he was looking for trouble. Too bad we don’t have video of the first encounter at the gate-it might answer all our questions.

  4. Bill Hensley Says:

    To me, it’s simple. US Airways is a common carrier, and that means that they carry people who pay the fare, as long as they are not a threat. There is no way in hell that sagging pants is a threat. US Airways is completely wrong here.

    And I still say the sagging pants look is stupid.

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