Katie’s Country Grill, Edmond, OK

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I have heard of Katie’s many times over the years, it’s been in the Oklahoma Gazette. I saw from the online reviews that Katie’s closes at 1400. I was going to eat there back in April when I took the kids to the local piano competition at OCCC in Edmond, and when we got done at 1355, I griped that I’d missed a chance to try Katie’s.

Well, that’s BS. The sign on the door of the place says they are open until *2100* most days, including Saturday. Grrr…

We went there today after Erin finished a Girl Scout workshop at the Edmond Library (which is another thing altogether, that’s a very nice facility). We got there around 1220 and left around 1335.

We all got iced tea, and it was very good. Raegan got a club sandwich and pronounced it one of the best she has had. That’s high praise. She did have to have cheese added to the sandwich.

Erin got a chili cheeseburger. She ate the burger part of it, but she didn’t like the chili. I had ordered a cup of chili (which is explicitly called out as chili with beans), but never got it (and I never got charged for it either, our server probably just forgot to write it down). I tried the chili on the burger and thought it wasn’t very good. Not bad, please understand, but not good either. So I guess I’m glad that the chili I ordered never showed. The fries she got were really good.

I got a chicken fried steak. That was a very good CFS, I called it an 8 out of 10. The breading was a little sweet, but the CFS was fork-tender all the way, and clearly hand-breaded there. The beef had decent flavor also. It came with a very good gravy, and two sides. I got mashers and more gravy and green beans. While the mashers were OK, those were EXCELLENT green beans, with some onion and bacon cooked in, really tasty.

Raegan finished up with a slice of pecan pie (the server said it was not baked right there, but it was very good), and Erin got a good root beer float that we shared.

Our check was $31.00. This was a good meal overall, I would not mind hitting Katie’s again. The menu said that Katie’s had started in Guthrie, and the Edmond location is an outpost (my words), and they have been in place since the late 80’s. I might try to hit the Guthrie location also.


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