Budro’s Rib Joint, Ardmore, OK

Budro's Rib Joint on Urbanspoon

I stopped here Tuesday on the way from Oklahoma City to the Dallas area. I got there around 1145, and left around 1230.

First of all, this was a HUGE amount of food. I got a combo, and asked how much it was; my server said you could get either a half pound or a pound. I aksed for the half pound, with brisket and pulled pork, and it turned out to be a half pound of each. A full pound of meat. Way more than even I could eat.

The brisket was pretty good, mostly tender and smoky, but a bit tough in places. The pulled pork was fairly tough overall, and didn’t have much taste. They meal came with a scoop of potato salad (very dense, and pretty good), and cole slaw (really good; I think it has something like marshmallow creme in it). The meal also came with some pinto beans (OK). Like I said, a huge amount of food.

The BBQ sauce was really, really good, with just the right amound of bite.

Service was very good. My check was $12.92. The place has wifi that is fairly quick.

The only downer is that this restaurant has a large bar area, and there were people smoking over there. You have to go through that smoky area to get to the head. Otherwise, not a bad BBQ meal.


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