Southern Recipes, Richardson, TX

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I have driven by this restaurant numerous times, and decided to check it out this evening. I got there around 1900, and left around 1945. The place was uncrowded.

I ordered a Texas Chicken Fried Steak. They have two on the menu. The “standard” CFS is cube steak, and the “Texas” version is claimed to be ribeye. I think that it’s a blend of ribeye and cube steak, and it’s pretty good, and about $1 more. It’s worth it.

The meal comes with soup or salad. I got chicken noodle soup and liked it. The noodles were thick and firm, and there was a good balance of noodles and chicken. The broth was really good also. The iced tea was good.

The CFS was not the best I have had, but it was far from the worst. It was about 90% fork tender. The breading was nuetral taste, but the beef had really good taste, and it was pretty tender. The gravy was plain. It came with two veg (I got mashers and gravy, good, and Blue Lake green beans, very good).

My check was $11.56, and service was good. I would not mind eating here again.

22 September 2011 Update:

I ate lunch here today with a group of seven others. We got there around 1215 and left 1315. Service was very good given the group of eight.

I had the chopped steak, with mashers and green beans. The chopped steak was cooked well, had great flavor and consistency, and was covered with onions and mushrooms. The onions could have been cooked just a touch longer, but they were sweet and not noxious. The green beans were OK.

Our server brought me an entire pitcher of tea, which was very nice of her (and I put the entire pitcher down during the meal, also!).

My check was $10.48, good value for the quantity and quality of the food. This place is very good.


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