San Marcos Mexican Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK

San Marco's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Raegan has been to lunch at this restaurant several times as it is near school. The location is on May Avenue just north of I-44.

We were running errands Sunday and decided to eat late lunch. We didn’t have the kids, but I’m sure that didn’t have anything to with our decision… We got there around 1400 and left around 1440. The place was largely empty the entire time.

The iced tea was really good and kept refilled.

I got the enchilada dinner, which defaults to one cheese and one beef. I asked for one chicken and one beef, and got them with no issue. They were very good. The chicken enchilada had sour cream sauce over it, and the other beef had chili con carne over it. The rice and beans were very good also. A solid meal. Raegan got a chimichanga and said it was good, if too large for her to eat all of it.

The meal came with a couple sopapillas, with copious honey available to slather.

Service was very good; our check was about $24. A good meal, I will eat here again.


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