Golden Chick, Richardson, TX

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I like fried chicken. Fewer and fewer restaurants offer it, instead offering baked, roasted, or chicken-fried chicken (not that any of those are a bad thing), but I occasionally like breaded and artery-clogging fried.

I have passed a number of Golden Chicks in the Metroplex, and Wednesday decided to try one, especially since it was near work. I got there around 1935 and left about 2000.

I got the #4, which is three pieces fried. The pieces were a wing, a leg, and a thigh. They were not the largest pieces of chicken I have had. They were thinly breaded, which made the skin very crunchy, and didn’t leave large chunks of fried breading. The chickens were not terribly meaty. The flavor was pretty good, though.

The meal came with a small container of average mashers and some gravy; the gravy was fairly peppery.

They serve both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea, that was pretty good.

My order was $7.73. Not a bad price for the meal. Overall, an everage meal. You get what you pay for. I would not mind going back to a Golden Chick again, and maybe next time getting a breast piece, or two.


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One Response to “Golden Chick, Richardson, TX”

  1. Tom Says:

    If you like Golden Chick (I find it usually a bit on the salty side), you should also check out Chicken Express. Not sure which one is the clone, but I prefer CE. Some of them also serve catfish, strangely enough. At either place, try the tenders: both places like to throw in a couple extras, especially in the middle of the afternoon. I once got 9 tenders on a 4 tender order!

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