Jakes Hamburgers, Plano, TX

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I have heard of Jakes for a while, having been traveling to the Metroplex since the mid-80s. Yesterday, I was returning from a community volleyball league in Plano, and I was aiming for a brand-new Five Guys, but I missed the exit. I saw the Jakes from the next exit, and decided to check it out. I got there around 2020, and left around 2120.

A comment first. Jakes seems like a very friendly place. There were what were clearly frequent customers chatting up the servers and the cooks. There was a lot of laughing and such going on.

I started out with greatly needed iced tea, which was very good, and in a big plastic cup.

I ordered the Jakes Special, which is a medium bun with double meat. The bun had a lot (really a lot, the top was black with them) of very small seeds. The Special comes with 1000 Island dressing and your choice of other stuff. I got it with lettuce. It was a pretty decent burger. I decided I am not a big fan of 1000 Island dressing. Next time I will get the burger with mayo as usual. The beef had good flavor, I’ve had better, but lots worse.

I got onion rings with my meals, and ranch dressing to dip them in. I didn’t like the dressing; it was of a type that when I see it at a restaurant I’m likely to send it back; the stuff is thick, has a sharp taste to it, and a fair amount of grey-green flecks in it. The rings were beer battered, and were not terribly good.

I started the meal out with a vanilla shake – I liked it.

Service was casual, but my tea only ran out twice (I was packing the stuff away). My check was $15.13. Value was not too bad. I would go back if someone else suggested it.


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