Black-Eyed Pea, Richardson, TX

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I first ate at a Black-Eyed Pea in the Garland area with my friends Jamie and Dave, circa 1985. I liked it, and was very happy when one of the restaurants opened in Waco around 1991, and in OKC around the same time. Since the OKC location was on our route home in the evening, we enjoyed many meals there.

Curiously, that Black-Eyed Pea closed about the same time that two other good restaurants within a two-block area also closed (Harrigan’s, and an Olive Garden), around 1996.

So I have not been in a Black-Eyed Pea in probably 10 years. However, I have been driving past one at Belt Line and Coit a couple times a week while living in Dallas, and this evening I decided to try it. I got there around 2030, left around 2110, and was at one of *three* tables occupied.

I got the pot roast; which after I looked at the menu remembered that it was one of my favorite meals. It was really good. Less large than I remember (but that’s OK, I wasn’t really looking for a huge meal), it was tender and flavorful. The meal came with two sides. I got mac and cheese (a little odd tasting, but OK) and corn (OK). The meal came with cornbread (very, very good) and wheat rolls (also very good).

The iced tea was copious and strong. Service was OK.

My check was only $12.75. Pretty good value. I need to add the Black-Eyed Pea to my restaurant rotation again.


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