LodgeNet, Again

I am on an extended deployment to the DFW Metroplex this summer. I am spending a corresponding amount of time in a hotel. It has given me the opportunity to look at a lot of LodgeNet.

I previously talked about LodgeNet here.

In summary, LodgeNet still sucks.

The hotel I am in has a 40-channel system. Nine of those (that’s just about 25%) are non functional in one way or the other (barker/advertising/dead air).

Almost every channel is overrun with ads that LodgeNet inserts into the video stream. They mainly advertise their pay-per-view movies, but also other stuff like cartoons that I imagine you have to pay for also. They also have a large number of PSA-type ads that I imagine they run to get tax credit for.

The room I am in has two nice Sharp TVs. The LodgeNet remotes still suck. I brought a universal remote, programmed it to the Sharps, and channel switching blazes. The LodgeNet remotes literally take 2-5 seconds to change channel.

The TVs boot to the same barker channel, and it is set very loud! I have to immediately hit the volume down when the TV starts. My universal remote is already running the TV volume down as it is booting, but the LodgeNet remote takes 5-15 seconds to start running the volume down.

I have griped about the TV situtation to the hotel, but wonder if anything will be done about it. I just wish that LodgeNet would go away.

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