Take 2 (and 3!): La Hacienda Ranch, Dallas, TX

La Hacienda Ranch on Urbanspoon

I ate at the Hacienda last summer and liked it.

Last week, a couple friends wanted some Tex-Mex, and I suggested the Hacienda, and we headed over there after work. Again, it smelled great!

This time, I got a steak. I didn’t have high expectations. That steak was… wonderful. One of the best I have had in years. Nearly a perfect meal. The steak was a bone-in ribeye, had wonderful flavor. It came with roasted potatoes that I could have eaten until I exploded. It came with mixed roasted vegetables and mushrooms that had great potential, but were ruined by having bell and red peppers mixed in.

That steak was so good, I went there again yesterday. I got the same meal I got last week, except I asked for NO PEPPERS in the roast veg. That turned in into a perfect meal! The steak was served as medium rare (but I let it rest for about five minutes, and it cooked at the table to a perfect medium), the roasted potatoes were perfect, and the roasted veg and mushrooms were perfect. The roast flavor of the potatoes and such was so good I could hardly believe it.

That makes Hacienda very, very dangerous to me! The combination of great steak and great Tex-Mex is a deadly combination to my waistline!

Service was perfect – just the right amount of pass-bys, and the tea (excellent tea, BTW) was always kept full. My check was $34.08, and worth every penny.

It’s probably better that this place is not in OKC. Highly recommended.


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