My Place Bar-B-Q, West, Muskogee, OK

My Place Bar-B-Q West on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here with Ian during our trip to Muskogee.

Ian got ribs. He ate every scrap (except the decent sized piece I pulled off one of them 🙂 ). The ribs were tender. Not so much smoke flavor, but enough.

I got a couple things. First, chopped brisket. Some places, My Place included, take the chopped brisket and try to turn it into sloppy joe by adding BBQ sauce. It was even so here. I would have preferred it “dry” so I could add sauce to my liking. The sauce was decent, not too spicy. I got fries and baked beans as my sides (I don’t know that we had any other choice). The fries were pretty standard, but the baked beans were excellent. I also got half a smoked chicken and ate the leg and thigh (the breast came back home for lunch tomorrow, or breakfast). That chicken, while small, was excellent. Not dry at all, good flavor, no charring. Great stuff.

The tea was good. Service was decent. Our check was $29.54, not bad considering how much food we got. Yum.


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