Ollie’s Station Restaurant, Tulsa, OK

Ollies Station on Urbanspoon

I’ve heard Ollie’s was a good place to eat, for years. Today, Ian and I were in transit to Muskogee, it was just after lunch, and so I decided to try it. It was pretty darn good!

Ollie’s is full of model trains, and train-related stuff. It was fun to see. There are three tracks that model trains run on periodically overhead. I am not knowledgeable enough to know all the gauges, but they were large, something like three inches between the rails.

Ian got a double cheeseburger. The beef was excellent, really good. I got a chicken fried steak, with sides of green beans and onion rings. All were clearly made right there. The rings were perfect, just the right amount of breading, and fried up golden brown and tasty. I got some very good ranch dressing to dip them in. The beans had small cubes of potatoes, onions, and bacon, and were excellent. The CFS was breaded right there. It had really good beef flavor, the breading was done right, and the entire CFS was fork tender. Just delicious. The tea was perfect as well.

Our check was $23.17. Service was very good. Recommended.


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