Comparis, Plano, TX

Compari's Italian Ristorante on Urbanspoon

I’ve driven by this place a number of times over the years. Today, I thought some Italian food would make for a good dinner, especially since I was headed to a nearby sporting goods store to look for sneakers.

I got there around 1745 and was immediately seated as the place was pretty much empty.

My server brought me some of the best, garlic encrusted loaves of bread that I’ve had. It was excellent. I asked for some marinara, it was also excellent, and hot! A salad, with creamy Caesar dressing, was served, and it was also very, very good.

I ordered fettuccine alfredo, with chicken. The chicken is normally grilled, but I asked for it sauteed, and that’s how it was delivered. The dish had the perfect amount of alfredo, and the stuff tasted real – a lot of cream and butter taste, delicious! The chicken was perfectly cooked. It was also a fairly large amount of food. The noodles were al dente. In short, and excellent meal. I ate every bit of it.

I got tea, it was strong and tasted very good.

My check was $17.80, not a bad value. I’d gladly eat here again.


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