Vista and Administrative Stupidity

So here is something dumb. I created a subdirectory (or “folder”) called 5-9 Sep 11 Dallas, to store some expense report documents. I needed to upload them for my expense report.

As I worked on the report, I used the web-based upload function to get the files to the server, and realized that the actual folder name should have been 6-9 Sep 11 Dallas. So since most versions of Windows allow you to change a file/folder/subdirectory name from a file dialog box, I right-clicked the folder, then clicked rename. It started the name change process, I changed the 6 to a 5, and hit Enter.

Vista thought about it for a second, then put up the dialog for requesting and authenticating elevated priveledge. WHT, I thought. I tried just clicking OK, that didn’t work. I did it again, and this time selected my CAC authentication, and Vista informed me that wasn’t elevated enough.

I left the folder name the way it was, then uploaded the files. I then immediately fired up Windows Explorer, navigated to the Documents folder, then performed the folder rename with no problems. So there is a mismatch in the security settings for the machine, or maybe a bug in Vista. Whichever it is, it’s annoying.



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