Country Skillet Restaurant, Clearwater, FL

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I got into TPA around lunch, and hadn’t had much breakfast due to an 0600 departure from OKC, and so I was getting hungry as I drove through the St. Petersburg/Clearwater/Largo area. I saw Country Skillet as I drove by, the parking lot was full, and I also saw the “Free Wifi” sign, so I flipped a U and headed back.

The mix of people ranged all over – age, dress. That’s a good sign to me. I got there around 1215 and was immediately seated, but the place kept filling up the entire time.

The iced tea was excellent, and kept refilled. I fired up my laptop (it takes forever to boot), and ordered the daily special, which was Shepherd’s Pie. It arrived just after I had caught up on the day’s emails so far.

The meal started out with a cup of navy bean and ham soup. It was good, and it had extra stuff in it like carrot and tomato chunks. I liked it.

The pie got there, and it was wonderful! HOT! There was a good amount of slightly spicy beef, with carrots, peas, and potato chunks mixed in. This was covered with very good mashers. The mashers had a thin layer of cheese melted on top (in fact, that was the only thing I could say about the meal – if they had baked the pie to get a good crust on the mashers, it would have been perfect!). It was excellent regardless. The amount was perfect as well, enough to fill up, but not get to the point of exploding.

So I would gladly go back to the Skillet. The other food I saw looked very good. My check was $8.54, outstanding value. Recommended.


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