Pappas Ranch, Clearwater, FL

Pappas Ranch on Urbanspoon

I had been on a nice hike yesterday afternoon, and so needed some calories. I decided to cruise down US19, and saw Pappas as I drove by, and decided to try it. It’s on Gulf-To-Bay Road.

I got there around 1845, the place was about 1/3 full.

I ordered a ribeye. It came just a little less cooked than the medium I asked for, so I let it rest a bit, and it eventually came up to almost medium. The steak was pretty darn good, very tender (fork tender for a lot of it), and had really good flavor. I was happy that there wasn’t any charring on it anywhere. Not a bit of the steak was left. It had a couple onion straws on top of it, and they were good also.

The steak came with a side, and I got “Kick-Ass Beans”. I didn’t like them. They were baked beans, but were thick with jalapenos, and so not to my taste.

The iced tea was OK. Service was spotty. My check was $25.96, and the steak was pretty darned good, so decent value.


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