Cesare on the Beach, Clearwater, FL

Cesare's on the Beach on Urbanspoon

I was heading towards the beach for the semi-obligatory view of the ocean (or in this case, the Gulf of Mexico), and drove past this place. I wanted some Italian food, and so decided to give it a try. I got there around 1840, and left an hour later. It was not crowded.

Iced tea came to the table, good. There was also some rough crusty bread, and a dip made from olive oil, with garlic, pesto, and a bit of red pepper, which was GREAT.

I got a ceasar salad, the dressing was creamy and excellent. I ordered fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I asked, and the chicken is usually grilled, but they sauteed it for me. It was a good amount of food, not too much. There was just the right amount of alfredo. They make there own pasta there, and I overheard a server say they had made a batch that morning. It was really good, and cooked perfectly.

So overall, it was a good meal, especially for having a near-beach location. Service was good, my check was $29.96.


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