Mooyah Burgers Fries and Shakes, Richardson, TX

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I was sort of aiming at a Tex-Mex place on the corner that Mooyah was on, and when I saw “Burgers” I said right on!

I got there around 1820 and left around 1930.

First of all, I missed a little workstation area where you are encouraged to fill out your order, like they do at WhichWich. Next time.

I got the Mooyah burger, with bacon and cheese and mayo, a small fries, a milkshake, and a drink. The burger was not bad at all. It could have used a bit more flavor, but I’d have another one. The fries were rough-cut and copious. The milkshake was OK, but as I got more towards the end, it developed a slight flavor I would have preferred it not have. The tea was… off a bit. I ended up switching to (weak) Coke.

My check was $14.23. Kind of high, but the milkshake and drink were $3.29 (!) and $1.99. The fries (small) were $1.89, reasonable. The basic burger was $4.59, but they get you for another $0.60 for cheese and $0.79. The place was well lit, albeit a bit loud, and I spent the meal working the USA Today puzzle page.

So… Mooyah is basically a kid-friendly clone of Five Guys. I say kid friendly because it has a writing wall, it’s got bright colors, and the logos and such as “looney”.

The clone comment. The fries are in huge quantity, they are cut the same way, they are served the same way (in a paper cup), and the place leaves boxes of potatoes out on the floor. The burgers are small-diameter buns, and have two patties on the basic burger. The burgers are wrapped in foil, and then placed into a brown paper sack, with the cup of fries placed next to them, and more fries piled on top.

So Mooyah is cloning a lot of the Five Guys concepts. The burgers are good, but not as good as Five Guys for whatever reason.

I’d go back, but I would not get the milkshake.

The website for the chainlet is


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    […] just went back and read my review of the Mooyah in Richardson, TX. I didn’t much like the shake there. I probably ought to read my previous […]

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