The Los Arcos, Edmond, OK

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We were headed for Ted’s in Edmond Friday evening, hungry, but in a bit of a hurry as we needed to get Erin to Luther around 1900. We tried calling Ted’s about four times to find out what the wait was, but in each case, they did the old hang-up-and-drop-you-back-to-voicemail-hell. We drove past Los Arcos (“The Arc”, as translated by Babelfish), and decided to try it.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Ian finally got through to Ted’s, and someone told him they had plenty of tables and no wait. If the manager of the Ted’s in Edmond reads this, you lost four dinners that night because the people answering (really, ignoring) the phone were very rude.

So we got to Los Archos around 1800, and left right at 1900. The place was about half full when we got there, and pretty much full when we left.

We started with some good queso and decent salsa, along with chips and tortillas (our choice, we got flour). We also got a large order of beef nachos, and those were very good! Especially when you put a little salsa-enhanced queso on them!

Raegan and I got a double order of mixed chicken and steak fajitas with no peppers, Ian got a chicken and cheese qesadilla, and Erin got a cheese quesadilla. All of this was pretty good. I’ve had better fajitas, but I’ve had far, far worse. Both the kids scarfed their entire meals down. All of us had tea, which was good, except Ian, who had Coke.

We ended up with sopapillas, and those were small and tasty. One gripe – they put honey sauce on the table instead of real honey.

Service was good, even though the restaurant was filling up. Our check was 62.61. A little high, but we did have the big nachos on the order. We would go here again. You could do far worse.


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