Glad’s Original BBQ, Colorado Springs, CO

Glad's Original Bar-B-Q LLC on Urbanspoon

I was headed to a steakhouse here in Colorado Springs this evening, and as I waited at a light, I saw this BBQ across the road in a small shopping center.

I got there around 1845 and left about 45 minutes later. I ordered a brisket dinner, with mac and cheese and baked beans. The beans were fairly basic, and were very good. The mac and cheese was baked after it was made, and was a little baked together, but it was tasty anyway. The brisket was fairly tender. It seemed to be fairly tasty. I had to go to some length to verify this. The brisket was drowned in a sauce that seemed to be about 50% standard sauce and 50% cooking drippings. That sauce was like something I might have made (don’t think that is criticism, I liked it!). Regardless, it was good.

My check was $11.70. This was decent BBQ, the serving size was good. There seemed to be a lot more takeaway than sit-down service. I’d go here again.

Note that when I went to Urban Spoon, that website shows Glad’s as permanently closed. The address for that location (3750 Astrozon Blvd) is different than their current address, so I suspect they just moved.


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