Texas T Bone, Colorado Springs, CO

Texas T-Bone on Urbanspoon

I got to the restaurant about 1900 after a hard and fun hike in the mountains. I left around 2030.

First of all, the place has good wifi! I logged in and caught up on email that had come in while I was up looking for bears.

I got a t-bone (appropriate). The meal started with a very good warm loaflet of wheat bread (wheat, yea!), and some cinnamon butter, very good. I got some potato soup that was very good, with lots of potato, bacon, and smoky flavor.

The steak got there pretty much medium like I asked, and pretty quickly. While I was only halfway done with the soup (grrr, a little bit). The steak was a thin-cut, and had quite a bit of gristle that had to be cut off it. It wasn’t burned, though, so that was good. It had decent flavor as well. You get a side, and I asked for sauteed mushrooms and onions, which were pretty good.

So the meal was pretty good, and I got work caught up. Service was SUPER nice, my server was a bundle of energy. My check was $27.32.

You have to compare where appropriate. I had eaten at the southside restaurant with two friends back in Jan or Feb, and the steak there was better. It could be the cook (they have to have the same beef source, I would think). So the next time, I might have to eat at both on successive nights…


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