Twin Peaks, Plano, TX

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I ate here last evening. I was looking for something light, and ended up a little heavier than I wanted.

First of all, if you don’t like the concept of Hooters, you will not like Twin Peaks. The “Great Views” in their motto refer to the staff, who are all very attractive, and dressed to enhance that.

That being said, service was OK, a bit spotty. It took a while to get my tea ordered, and there were a couple times that it ran out. That never sits well with me.

I ordered the small BBQ wings. They were OK, not terribly meaty, but the BBQ flavor was good.

For my meal, I got the ribeye pot roast. While the meat was roasted pot-roast style, I don’t think it was ribeye. The meat had little flavor. It was tender enough. The gravy (brown) wasn’t too bad. The mashers were good, and the vegetable medley was interesting (it was thin green beans, bacon, corn, and onion).

My check was $23.82, not bad for a largish appetizer and entree. I would go back if I was part of a group, but probably not if it was just me.


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One Response to “Twin Peaks, Plano, TX”

  1. Christine Anderson Says:

    I don’t think it was ribeye.
    twin peaks

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