Billy Sims BBQ, Edmond, OK

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OK, with Raegan and I both being OSU people, I have to say BOO! to all the OU stuff on the walls of the restaurant. That being said, it’s some damn fine BBQ!

We drove by the Edmond location and had dinner there about a year ago, and I’ve been to the location in Midwest City a couple times since. The BBQ has certainly not gotten worse.

We ate there last Saturday night. I got a two meat plate (I *cannot* say their name for it without choking… try S**ner M*gic), with ribs and chicken. Simply outstanding. The ribs were so tender as to be amazing, with great smoky flavor, no tough spots, and that red-brown-black crust that shows that care was taken. The chicken, which is served deboned, was juicy all the way through, and was wonderful, full of flavor. For my sides, I got… two more ribs, and some green beans. Ribs as a side item, that is a great idea!

Raegan and Erin also got the same meal, with ribs and chicken and turkey, and it was all just as great.

Ian got a half rack of ribs. Well, that’s what he ordered, I got one of them!

The tea was excellent, service was fast and friendly. The food was as good at JTs, including the ribs, and *that’s* saying something!

Our check was $62.59. Superior BBQ, recommended.


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One Response to “Billy Sims BBQ, Edmond, OK”

  1. Juan Says:

    I will try them out. thanks for sharing this out.


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