Two Rows Classic Grill, Allen, TX

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Last night, after a really fun volleyball match, I stopped here for dinner. I was there 2100 – 2150. The place was mostly empty, except the bar was fairly full.

The meal started with chips, queso, and salsa. All were excellent. The queso in particular was really, really good. The salsa was very smooth, and had the perfect amount of bite to it, great stuff.

I ordered a chicken fried steak. That was one fine CFS, I rated it a 9.5 out of 10. It was fork tender everywhere, the breading was perfect, the beef flavor was excellent. The pepper gravy turned out to be barely peppered (a good thing), and it had a lot of flavor itself. It was a good size as well, not so huge as to make me feel about to explode. You have a choice of sides – I got garlic mashers and merlot mushrooms. The mashers were good, and had the gravy on them, but I didn’t finish them as it was extra volume I didn’t want. I ate only a couple of the mushrooms; they weren’t bad, it just that the wine sauce they were in was strong, and wasn’t something that appealed to me (I prefer fruity wines like Zins). So if you like Merlot, the mushrooms will be good. I should have had the onion rings instead. Next time I will.

Service was pretty good, although my tea ran out a couple times. I wasn’t in any hurry, though. My check was $14.38. I would gladly eat here again.


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