Romas Italian Restaurant, Dallas, TX

Roma Pasta House on Urbanspoon

This was another place I saw after I left Ozona last week. I decided to check it out last evening. Overall, a decent experience.

The meal started with iced tea (good) and some interesting small (~1.5in diameter) hard rolls. This came with some very good marinara, that came in handy later.

I ordered the Trio Platter. This is chicken parmesan, on a bed of spaghetti marinara, and with a side of fettuccine alfredo. Taking these in reverse, the alfredo was OK. Not quite bland, but not terribly rich, either. It was OK. The spaghetti didn’t have a tremendous amount of marinara, so I used what was delivered with the bread to enhance the amount. The chicken was pounded flat, and was a bit overcooked. The breading was just a touch too crispy, and the chicken was just a touch touch (as in not completely fork-tender). Not a heck of a lot of flavor (probably due to the overcooking).

So not a the best meal I’ve had, but also not the worst. I would go back here again. My check was $12.44, which is not a bad value.


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