Bigfoot BBQ, Caddo, OK

Bigfoot BBQ on Urbanspoon

I was tooling around SE Oklahoma a couple weekends ago (08 Oct 2011), and needed lunch. One of my buddies recommended Bigfoot BBQ. I got there around 1130, and left around 1230. There were only a couple other people eating in the restaurant while I was there, and more people getting takeaway.

I asked if I could get something equivalent to a two-meat dinner. My server checked with the people in back and got assent. I got sliced brisket and ribs. The ribs were decent enough, with a good amount of meat on them, and fairly tender. They were partially smoked and finished off on the grill, I think. The brisket had little smoke flavor, but was really tough, and required some serious chewing to get it down. The meal came with some fries, and something else that was new to me, deep fried green beans. The fries were rough cut and pretty good. The beans were OK. The tea was good.

Service was pretty spotty, I had to ask for tea refills each time. My check was $12.01. I would eat here again; thanks for the recommendation, KUB!


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