Courtside Grille, St. Petersburg, FL

Courtside Grille on Urbanspoon

The check says the restaurant is in Feathersound, FL, but I think it’s St. Petersburg; probably a suburb.

I ate here for lunch today, on the way between the airport and the hotel. I got there around 1200 and left around 1400.

I got a BBQ Burger Stacker. It is a decent sized burger patty (1/3 lb, probably), on a bun with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, and fried onions. The burger was a touch overcooked. The bacon was really good, and the BBQ sauce was a nice touch. The bun was a touch overtoasted on the edges; a knive solved that. I was not impressed by the fried onions – they were dry and hard, so I scraped them off the sandwich. The meal came with chips, they look like they were made there, and were pretty good. The tea was Gold Coast (the taste cannot be masked).

Service was spotty, but not too bad. My check was $12.26. This place falls into the class of restaurants that I would go to if someone else wanted to go.

I think that the menu was kind of limited, at least for my taste. That’s not a general criticism, just a personal comment on my part.


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