Amish Country Store, Muskogee, OK

Amish Country Store on Urbanspoon

I was in Muskogee with my family back on 29 Oct visiting my mother and grandmother. We tried to eat at a local sandwich shop, but it had closed right as we got into town, and we had passed the Amish Country Store on the way in, so we went back there for a late lunch. We got there around 1330 and left around 1420.

The food here was excellent. Ian and I got chicken fried steak. It was thick, made there, tender, and flavorful. Give it a… 10! THe gravy was excellent also (not as good as Raegan’s, but close…). I had Amish Casserole (veg in a cheese sauce, tasted OK) and mashers (excellent). I can’t remember what Raegan and Erin had, but both liked it also.

The tea was good, service excellent, and the food outstanding. Our check was $58.76, but that included some baked goods, including a couple slices of pie, cookies, and some other stuff we took with us. This place is on the list for future visits.


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