Chubby’s Chicken, Oklahoma City, OK

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Last Friday, after we dropped Ian off for a weekend Scout campout, Raegan announced that She Wanted Fried Chicken. How could I argue with that? We headed from uptown OKC out to Peidmont to Chicken and Chops, which was closed… Crud.

I pulled out my trusty Blackberry with Google Maps, entered “chicken”, and Chubby’s popped up, conveniently enough on Northwest Expressway along our route back into town.

We got there around 1900, the place was pretty much empty (there were more arrivals later).

We ordered an entire fried chicken, eight pieces. It came with two sides, including a decent mayo potato salad (you can get mustard-based also). Erin also decided she wanted a fried chicken wrap.

All of this was excellent! We have been looking for a good fried chicken place (do not speak to me of KFC), and had settled on Chicken and Chops until now. The fried chicken at Chubby’s was far better than Eishen’s, Chicken and Beer, and quite better than Jim’s. We ate every bit of our order, and ended up taking part of Erin’s wrap back home.

Raegan and I got iced tea, Erin had water, and Raegan and Erin had yummy root beer floats.

Service was excellent. Our check was $33.82, which I think was excellent value. We’ll be back.


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One Response to “Chubby’s Chicken, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    An update: we went back to Chubby’s last weekend, and it was excellent again. Yum.

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