Mexico Joe’s, Stillwater, OK

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Raegan had her Girl Scouts at Camp Stapley two weekends ago, and Ian and I met them that Friday evening for dinner at MJs. We had previously eaten at MJs a couple years ago, but we get to Stillwater (a city we both dearly love, and where we met) rarely.

Ian and I arrived in the area first, since the Scouts were busy setting up camp. We walked around the campus, and I showed him various places that I had classes in. The Student Union is undergoing a significant makeover (and had a Johnny Rockets operating that smelled WONDERFUL!).

We got to Mexico Joe’s around 1800 and had about a 20 minute wait (we needed a table for nine, it was a Friday evening, OSU was in session, and the day before a football Saturday).

The tea (and other drinks) arrived in plastic logo cups. A couple notes about them: they are SMALL (too small for this major-league tea drinker), but they change color with temperature, which is kind of neat.

I’m going to focus on what I got, which was the MJ Enchiladas. You have a choice of two or three (I recommend three for me). They were good, and covered with chili con carne. The beans were really good, and the rice typical.

The salsa on the table for everyone is smooth and really hot! I liked it, and had two bowlets just for me. That salsa had really good flavor. A couple of the Scouts though it was too hot.

Service was really good in spite of the fact that it was so blasted crowded. The check for our family of four was $42.65, not a bad value at all. MJs is good stuff.


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2 Responses to “Mexico Joe’s, Stillwater, OK”

  1. Brittany Says:

    its gay it sucks yeahhhh..

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    @ Brittany, um, right…

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