An Odd Network Observation

I’m doing some work in my hotel room. The room has a hardwired connection. I put the hotel network cable into my plain-vanilla Netgear switch, then ran two more cables to the two computers I am working on. I am using the network to transfer files between the machines. The connection is DHCP.

So the odd thing is, one machine has the IP address Not unusual, a Class C non-routable address. But the other computer has the IP address of Not a Class C address at all, more like a public IP. WTH?

So the two machines could not talk to each other. I solved the problem by changing the 50.x machine to a static IP of, and now the machines can talk just fine.

But it is still odd how the two IP addresses were assigned. Both have the same DNS suffix. The gateways assigned are in the same subnet that the IP addresses are in.

This is the second time I have seen this behavior; last night was the first. I can’t understand how the same router or smart switch assigned IP addresses in two completely different subnets. At least I got the transfers working OK.

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