I’ve *Finally* Got Classic Arts Showcase!

I have loved Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) for years. I’ve seen it periodically in places like Omaha and Sacramento; most of the time CAS is played after “regular” programming is over. An example, CAS would play after the public access channel was done playing the local city council meeting and similar programming.

CAS plays video clips of dance, symphony, documentaries, and the like. I’ve seen it play an aria from an opera, the video of Linda Rondstat singing “What’s New”, ballet, modern dance, and all manner of other performances. I’ve wanted it at the house forever.

Now I have it. We got an upgrade to our Dish Network to feed HD to our new TV. CAS was included in the upgrade. I’ve had it on in the house while I was working around the house, and there has been some really good performances on already. I’ve learned some stuff. Two examples, I didn’t know that “Somewhere Out There” was from “West Side Story”. I also didn’t know that the music from the song “A Stranger In Paradise” was actually written by a Russian composer back in the 1800s. Not earth-shattering, but cool to know, for me at least.

If you like the performing arts, find CAS and watch it, it’s great! BTW, it’s provided free to cable companies and the like, get your TV provider to add it to the lineup if it’s not there already.

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