Club Lunch, Muskogee, OK

Club Lunch on Urbanspoon

I was in Muskogee Monday attending to some business, and lunch was nigh. As I left the office of the Muskogee Daily Phoenix and Times-Democrat, at the end of Wall Street I saw Club Lunch, so I decided to check it out.

I don’t know that Club Lunch was always named Club Lunch. I distinctly remember that my Mother used to join her co-workers at the Club Lunch location for coffee breaks.

I got there around 1300 and left around 1345. Club Lunch has both a small hot serving line and off the menu ordering. I got a blue plate special of roast beef, mashers, and green beans. This came with a drink (iced tea) and corn bread. I sweetened the meal with a slice of custard pie. The blue plate was very good. The roast beef was tender, there was plenty of it, and the mashers, gravy, and green beans were good. I did really like the custard pie; I don’t get that often enough.

Nothing special about this meal; get it, eat it, and move on. My check was $11.46. The people working there are super nice. There are some interesting momentos on the wall. I’d gladly eat here again.


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