Don Pollo’s, Bethesda, MD

Don Pollo on Urbanspoon

I was in Bethesda as there was a Trader’s Joe’s in the area, and I wanted to buy some tea. I saw Don Pollo’s up the block, and decided to check it out.

I ordered a half chicken, mashers, and rice and beans. The mashers were good. The rice and beans (black beans) were bland and had little flavor. The chicken was a major disappointment. It was dry and pretty tough. I ended up leaving quite a bit of chicken behind as it was just not worth the work to get it stripped from the bone. I ate all of the mashers and the rice and the beans, and so that was the majority of my meal.

Drinks are all canned/bottled and ala carte.

I got there around 1250 and left around 1320. My check was $11.60. I don’t think it was good value. I don’t get to Bethesda very often, and I can pretty much say that I will try any other restaurant first. There are a lot of other restaurants in the area.

The Trader Joe’s was nice, though.


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