Ike’s Chili, Tulsa, OK

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OK, I like chili. Texas style chili, lots of beef, fairly spicy but not overwhelming. Beans, I can live with, but less is better. So I had heard about Ike’s in Tulsa many times over the years, but had never visited there. It used to be in downtown Tulsa, I gather. So during the second week in January, I was headed to Muskogee to take care of some business, it was near noon, and I decided to try Ike’s. I did some searching via Blackberry, and eventually found that Ike’s had moved some time ago out to NE Tulsa on Admiral Place.

So I got there around 1245. After perusing the menu, I settled on the frito chili pie and tea. The tea was excellent. The fritos were good. The chili was decent.

So what do I mean by “decent”. The stuff was fairly tasty. It had no beans. There was no heat to the chili. There wasn’t *that* much food (i.e. it was in a small bowl). I was done with lunch in about 20 minutes, and out again.

So the chili was OK. I thought that it was a smallish amount. My check was $13.34. Ike’s service was good.

But, if I was passing through Tulsa again, and craving chili (not an unlikely event), I would probably go somewhere else. Jason’s Deli and Ron’s, both also in Tulsa, have better chili.


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