S & Bs Burger Joint, Oklahoma City, OK

S & B's Burger Joint on Urbanspoon

This is a bit of a catch-up post. Back on 05 January, Raegan and Erin and I were out running errands and needed lunch. Since we were a half block away, we decided to hit S&B, which had been recommended by our friend Jackie.

I ordered a Porker (which is a standard bacon cheeseburger), dould meat; Erin got a chili cheeseburger; Raegan got a mushroom and swiss burger. We also got onion rings.

The rings were PERFECT. The breading was lite, and the rings were fried hot, light, crunchy, and tasty. The onion was sweet and fully cooked, great stuff.

The cheeseburgers were pretty darn good. The beef was full of flavor, cooked medium well, and juicy but not greasy. The burgers were not huge; we all finished ours completely, even Erin.

We all got iced tea, which was good. Service was very attentive, but not overpowering. The tea was kept refilled.

Our check was about $38. A little expensive for cheeseburgers, but I would not mind going back again.


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