Stella’s, Bellevue, NE

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Stella’s is a Bellevue institution. I first ate here probably ten years ago, when Stella’s was in a building that could be charitablly described as a dump. It got rebuilt a couple years ago, and enlarged a bit in the process, but the burgers are the same – excellent.

I went to Stella’s today with three other guys. We got there around noon and the place was packed (we got the last table), and when we left at 1300 the place was still packed, with a couple people waiting for a table.

I got a double cheeseburger. The thing is proably more than 2/3 lbs of meat. Very good meat. The burger has some of the best flavor to be found in a restaurant. There is a little bit of black pepper cooked in to the meat. The bread is a good, fairly dense and tasty in its own right. The burgers are served on a napkin. I got mine with mayo and pickles. That cheeseburger was a 10!

I got onion rings with the burger. They were excellent. The onion was cooked all the way through and was sweet. The breading was just the right thickness and adhered well to the onion. Great stuff. I got iced tea as usual, it was perfect.

My check was $13.38. Great price for a great meal. Stella’s is a keeper for anyone who visits Bellevue.


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