Gorat’s Steak House, Omaha, NE

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Gorat’s was recommended to me by a work friend, and this evening, after we got done with work, I headed over there. I got there at 1650, and was informed that They Do Not Open Until 1700 (well, they said 5 o’clock). I could have waited in the lounge, but I just stood around about 10 minutes, and was seated.

So Gorat’s is a clone of Johnny’s, Anthony’s, Cascio’s, Piccolo’s, and the like in Omaha, both interior and the food. Gorat’s is primarily a steakhouse, that has some Italian entrees, and some sort of pasta or green beans for a side, along with a potato. The food is just as good from place to place.

I ordered an “Omaha Sirloin”, which is a bone-in strip steak. It was not the most tender steak I have had, but it had a lot of flavor, and was cooked a perfect medium, just as ordered. The steak was proceeded by a mixed salad with ranch dressing, and a mixed basket of bread (rough wheat, garlic rolls, and the like).

I also got hashbrowns and spaghetti for my sides, and while the hashbrowns were pretty standard, the spaghetti and sauce was very good.

I finished off the meal with chocolate cake ala mode; the cake was moist and way, way chocolate.

The place is open for lunch, until 1400. My check was 28.36, but of course, I had a big steak and a decent dessert. Service was pretty darn good. My one gripe: the iced tea glasses were really, really small.

So I would go back to Gorat’s. They have oven fried chicken that I would like to try.


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2 Responses to “Gorat’s Steak House, Omaha, NE”

  1. Bev Eckert Says:

    We are going to be in Omaha the 22 & 23 of June, 2012… and I WANT an excellent steak – not just OK…Afterall, it’s OMAHA. Read an article on Gorat’s, but, not excited about your review or any of the others that have visited the establishment within the last year. Wher e else do you recommend. Also, I’ve heard there is a fabulous Italian restaurant in downtown Omaha, in the “old-town” area…Do you know what it is. Thanks

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Bev, for steak, I have had the best consistency in steaks in Omaha at Piccolo’s (just south of downtown), and at Anthony’s, which is south of I-80 on 72nd. For Italian, Lo Sole Mio is just SW of downtown; simply outstanding.

    Enjoy, and thank you for reading my blog. I love food!

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