Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Edmond, OK

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We tried Freddy’s shortly after they opened a couple years ago. I think I liked it, but we never managed to go back. Last Saturday, Ian and I were on a mission to buy some stuff, it was near dinner, so we stopped and checked Freddy’s out again.

It was good! I got a double cheeseburger with bacon (they are smallish pattys), mayo and lettuce, with onion rings and iced tea (brewed fresh and very good). Ian got a single cheeseburger with k****** only (BORING!). The beef was excellent, with great flavor and lots of texture. It was cooked to the point of just a bit of juice oozing out, but not enough to saturate the bun. Excellent cheeseburger. The fries were thin sliced and just the right amount of crunchy. The onion rings were bland; I didn’t eat all of them.

All that being said, Ian mentioned something during the meal that rang very true: the Freddy’s meal was a clone of a Steak and Shake meal! Buns and patties were the same size, the beef was cooked the same way, and the fries were the same as Freddy’s. Hmmm….

We got there around 1820 and left around 1900. It was uncrowded. Our check for two was $15.39. A bit more expensive than Steak and Shake, but very good. If there were a Steak and Shake next door to a Freddy’s, I would probably choose the S&S just based on cost. Otherwise, I’d have no problems going back to Freddy’s.


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