Wing Stop, Oklahoma City, OK

Wing Stop on Urbanspoon

Every once in a while, we like a meal of just chicken wings. Raegan is fond of buffalo sauce, I like BBQ. A couple weekends ago, we were in north OKC, and saw the Wing Stop and decided to check it out.

We each got different things. I got BBQ, Raegan got a split order of garlic parmesan and buffalo, Erin got some plain, and Ian got some gliders (small slider-style burgers). These came with fries. The fries were very good!

That being said, the wings were OK. Just OK. I really didn’t like the garlic wings that Raegan got, but that’s just a preference on my part. The wings were all decent sized and had an OK amount of meat on them. But they were, in the end, just wings. The iced tea was pretty good.

We got there around 1215 and left at 1315. The wings are cooked on demand and take about 20-25 minutes. The place was moderately crowded the time we were there.

Our check for four was $39.70. I think that is pretty darn expensive for chicken wings. I’ve stopped at places many times and got 10 chicken wings (an appetizer) and a drink, and got out for $6, so I think that Wing Stop is a bit high priced for typical quality. I probably would not go back.


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