Memo To Smart TV Manufacturers

We got a new LG 47″ LED LCD smart TV over the holidays. I think it was a great value.

One cool thing is that the TV has interfaces with an N-wifi USB dongle. The dongle connects through our house router, and from there out to the internet. It can interface to YouTube, Hulu, and the like to place those videos directly to the TV (it uses a pretty cool remote that has accelerometers in it like a Wii, to act like a mouse).

And that is the basis of my memo. If the TV wifi adapter can be used to get content off of the Internet, why not add a video streaming encoder to let other TVs in the house, and other laptops, act as remote displays for the TV?

I’m thinking this scenario: I was watching the NBC evening national news earlier, when I went from the den to the kitchen to help cook dinner. It would have been very nice to take my laptop in there, with the big TV streaming to the laptop.

I could do this myself. The TV has a monitor output. I can route that video to a computer with an HD capture card, and then encode and stream that out over the house network. But it would be easier to just get it direct from the big TV.

How about it, TV engineer geeks?

BTW, in an exercise of pointless tech, I airsnorted the YouTube requests from the TV back when we got it, and programmed my wifi router to redirect those requests to my laptop instead of the Internet. I had a video encoder running to stream a file on the hard drive, and the TV dutifully played it. It wouldn’t be difficult to do the same think with a DVD. It doesn’t surprise me that this shouldn’t have worked. Most of the digital TVs seem to be running a version of Linux with MythTV or something very similar.

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