New York Pizza and Pasta, Edmond, OK

New York Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

We saw this restaurant last Sunday when we stopped at Steak and Shake for a quick dinner. New York Pizza and Pasta is in the strip shopping center directly behind the freestanding Steak and Shake. We decided to stop here for dinner on Wednesday evening when we were running errands. We got there about 1845 and left about 45 minutes later. The place was never more than 25% full, but there was a steady stream of traffic the entire time we were there.

The kids both both got a couple slices of pizza (Ian, pepperoni; Erin, cheese). Raegan got manicotti. I got fettuccine and chicken alfredo. All of this was uniformly very good. I tried a bite of the pizza and the manicotti, and enjoyed both. The alfredo was not the very best I’ve ever had, but it was far from the worst. The only thing I would count my dinner down on, for some reason it had chopped up bits of raw purple onion; these were a little strong and distracted from the alfredo. Raegan, who loves manicotti, pronounced hers excellent and that she would come get more any time.

So overall, this was a very good experience. We love Italian, and this is pretty close to the house, so it’s added to the rotation. Our check for four was $38.32. Service was pretty fast. Good stuff.


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