Taste of Italy, San Diego (Carmel Mt Rd)

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I basically drove out of my hotel this evening to find someplace at random. I pulled into the small shopping center, and recognized that I had had dinner at Taste of Italy on another trip to this area probably five years ago. I think I liked it.

So I got here this evening at about 1745, and left about an hour later. My meal was chicken parmigiana with a side of fettuccine alfredo. It started with some very good focaccia bread; I asked for some oil and basalmic, which was very good. I got an excellent chicken soup instead of a salad.

The main course was not the best I have tasted, but it was also far from the worst. The breading on the chicken was tasty, and the chicken was tender, but the breading kept falling off the bird. The fettuccine noodles were good, but the alfredo was kind of lacking in flavor.

The iced tea was pretty good.

The place was mostly empty the entire time I was there. Service was OK, but right on the border of “lacking”. My check was $25.99. Decent meal, but a bit expensive. I would go back if someone suggested it.


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